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Ishida IP-Ai-P Large Roll Label Printer

  • Large color touchscreen with adjustable viewing angle
  • Front-loading, 9 in (230 mm) label roll capacity
  • Prints all legally required ingredient and nutritional information
  • Stores and prints graphics for custom labels
  • Ethernet communications
  • ScaleLink Pro 5 communications
  • Assign images to category, presets or function keys
  • 21 tactile keys
  • 585 MB of memory
  • 80mm wide printing
  • Up to 150mm/sec print speed
  • Linux operating system
  • Compatible with third-party communication software including Invafresh's ePLUM®, Upshop’s InterScale® and Droste's PCScale Manager
  • 80 mm wide printing
  • 2020 nutrition labeling
  • Configurable for different languages including Spanish, French and German 

A Retail Label Printer Designed for Bakeries and Grocery Stores

The IP-Ai-P prints at a speed of 4.7 inches per second and, with its unique batching capabilities, is ideal for high-volume printing applications in bakeries. Its custom graphics feature creates stunning labels with all required nutritional and ingredient information, and a fully customizable color touchscreen provides easy access to PLUs via category keys.

The IP-Ai-P features easy label roll front-loading with a nine-inch roll capacity to streamline prepackaging operations. For consistent and accurate pricing, the IP-Ai-P networks with ScaleLink Pro 5 and other third-party product management software.

Operating Environment:
Temperature: 23 °F to 104 °F (-5 °C to 40°C)
Humidity: 20% to 85% (no condensation)

Display Unit:
12.1 in TFT color LCD with LED
backlight SVGA (800 × 600)

LAN × 1 channel
USB × 4 channel
SD card × 1 channel
(for transaction data)

585 MG

Static or DHCP TCP/IP 10/100 Base
T Ethernet

Print Head:
3.1 in (80 mm) direct thermal (12 dot/mm)

Print Speed:
3.9/ 4.7/ 5.9 in/sec
(100/ 120/ 150 mm/sec)

Label Size:
Width: 1.5 to 3.1 in (38 to 80 mm)
Length: 1.2 to 7.9 in (30 to 200 mm)


Label Roll:
Inside diameter: 3.0 in (76 mm) min
Outside diameter: 9.0 in (230 mm) max

42 lb (19 kg)

Power Supply:
AC110 to 120V, 50/60Hz, 4A

Power Consumption:
Stand-by: 50W
In operation: 120W

UL listed

One-year limited

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Part # Description List Price Cart
220067 Printer, Bakery IP-Ai-P S Ver. CFast, 9 inch OD label support, 115VAC, Ishida

List Price: $5,118.00


Part # Description List Price Cart
47670 Retail Scale OPT,Base Unit Scalemate 27 Deep x 23 Wide x 32 High Scale Shelf 36 inch Overall Height 2 Roll 18 in Max Roll Size 750 Watt 6 x 15 in Heat Pad w/Cover 115 VAC 12ft Power Cord Ishida

List Price: $2,940.00

47672 Retail Scale OPT,Wrap Station Wing Left Scalemate, SM20ES, 200ES, 14 x 22 in Ishida

List Price: $283.00

102933 Wrap Station,Right Wing w/o Hood 14 x 34 SST, With Support Leg

List Price: $391.00

53963 Retail Scale OPT,Wrap Station All Purpose Shelf Scalemate, SM20ES, 200ES 12x24 or 15x24 Ishida

List Price: $312.50

104948 Mounting kit, Handwrap station, Uni-7RP, Uni-9RP 60lb, Uni-3RP, Ishida

List Price: $27.00

178842 Shelf Assembly, Hand Wrapping Station, IP-Ai, Ishida

List Price: $375.00

155176 Option,UNI-7 RP POP Label Dispenser with Mounting Hardware for ScaleMate

List Price: $379.50

151761 Option, Spacer POP label dispenser, Set of 10, Ishida, use for wider core POP labels

List Price: $18.00

53866 Cover,PTFE Hot Plate Pad 6x15 Inch Teflon Replacement For Rice Lake Retail Scalemate

List Price: $33.00

98400 Option,10 Key Cover Clear Membrane Self Adhesive Tenkey SOLD PER EACH OMNi-4000 IP-EMZ WM-4000, WM-Ai, IP-Ai, IP-Ai-P Ishida

List Price: $64.00

174110 Card, SD 2GB Uni-7, WM-Ai, IP-Ai Ishida

List Price: $158.50

186485 Base Plate Stabalizer Roll over protection base for IP-AI-P, SST

List Price: $113.00


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