Overhead Weighing Solutions

Rice Lake Weighing Systems' MSI (Measurement Systems International) has been providing niche technology solutions worldwide since 1977. MSI overhead weighing solutions provide state-of-the-art products to meet the specific application and industry requirements.

Rice Lake has been providing expert weighing solutions since 1946 for virtually every industry. This experience is brought to every project, ensuring you receive the perfect weighing system for your unique application. 

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Overhead weighing systems are an asset to every industry including

Aviation/Helicopter Load Monitoring 
Port and Freight Terminals
Concrete Production
Mining Facilities
Steel Mills and Foundries
Waste Management
Chemical Processing
Fishing Industry
Energy Production
Material Handling

Safety First

MSI overhead weighing solutions meet or exceed safety guidelines set by OSHA, ANSI, ASME and regional regulatory bodies. Safe load monitoring is crucial to any operation with overhead equipment. MSI overhead weighing systems provide real-time load monitoring to prevent crane overload accidents.

Overhead Weighing Products

Rice Lake offers a range of MSI Overhead Weighing products including crane scales, integrated solutions, dynamometers, instrumentation and wireless network capabilities to increase worksite safety. MSI overhead weighing products can be customized to meet the specific needs of your application.

Crane Scales

MSI crane scales are available for light to heavy capacity application needs with integrated displays and wireless network communication capabilities. From indoor work centers to metal foundries and port cargo handling, MSI crane scales are available in intrinsically safe and stainless steel models to fit any industry.



Also known as tension link dynamometers, these weighing solutions can be used to measure either vertical or horizontal tension. Dynamometers are rugged but lightweight, making them ideal for measuring tension in rigging, load tests, crane and elevator certification, and other straight-line lifting applications.


Integrated Solutions

Overhead weighing integrated solutions include products like a shear web load cell, a clevis load pin and a clamp-on load cell. Load pin sensors are designed to replace clevis pins in pulleys, and both load pins and shear web load cells are designed to be permanently installed. Integrated solutions are ideal safety features in overhead equipment because they provide constant load monitoring to prevent overloads.

Integrated Solutions     

Remote Displays, Indicators and Wireless Network Capabilities

MSI software enables overhead weighing equipment to wirelessly connect to instrumentation and other MSI products. Wireless communication options and indicators increase process control with real-time information and overload warnings. Wireless network capabilities easily connect overhead weighing solutions to remote indicators, and indicators to computers, remote displays and printers.

MSI Software

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