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Livestock Weighing Solutions

Rice Lake has tailored some of our most durable products for the specific needs of the farming and ranching industries. Our livestock scales are perfectly suited for the toughest jobs around. Rice Lake livestock scales feature U.S. and Measurement Canada Legal for Trade approval, utilize the most rugged weighbridge design and make safety, quality and performance a priority.

What is a Livestock Scale?

Rice Lake livestock solutions can make a measurable difference in your farming and ranching application. Whether a mobile, stationary or portable livestock scale is used, livestock scales allow you to easily weigh your cattle, hogs, sheep or other livestock. Choose between a steel, concrete or rubber scale deck option for your Rice Lake livestock scale.

Why Do I Need a Livestock Scale?

With the ability to bring the scale to the animal, Rice Lake’s MAS line ensures maximum profitability in any transaction. On average, sellers who rely on an MAS scale can instantly recover 2-3% of their profits on every sale, making Rice Lake’s MAS line one of the smartest investments in ranching.

Find the best livestock scale for your ranch or farm by determining your livestock weighing goals. Before purchasing a livestock scale, consider the following:

  • Shrink Loss
  • Animal Welfare
  • Scale Size
  • Certifications and Regulations
  • Mobility

What is Shrink?

Whether selling large or small numbers of livestock, minimizing shrink or loss is a major factor in maximizing your ranch’s bottom line. Cattle leave the seller at a certain weight and arrive at the destination weighing less—that is shrink. Depending on travel distance, weather and other stress factors, animals can lose significant weight during transport. Quickly calculate the savings and return on your Rice Lake livestock scale investment with our Livestock Shrink Calculator app.

Choosing a Livestock Scale

Rice Lake offers a variety of livestock scale options in various sizes for your business needs.


Read the latest livestock scale articles, white papers and sales literature.

Need Another Look?

Whether weighing multiple animals or a single animal, or for mobile, portable or stationary cattle weighing, view Rice Lake’s livestock scales here.

Want More Information?

Need a little guidance before you are ready to purchase? Request a personalized consultation with an industry expert or your local Rice Lake livestock scale distributor.

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