Indicators / Controllers

Rice Lake's family of weigh indicators and scale controllers has it all, from simple weigh monitors to complex control equipment that can automate the entire process. No matter the requirement, Rice Lake offers weigh indicators for every industry.

What is a weight indicator?

A digital weight indicator is scale instrumentation that communicates the weight of the items on the scale to an operator through a display or to another machine. Weight data can then be used to make a decision or trigger an action as part of a larger process. While all weight indicators perform this important task, there are different styles of scale indicators to meet application needs.

Basic weight indicators provide weight readings and some can control simple processes, such as basic batching. Programmable weight indicators are more advanced and can control complex processes involving multiple data points that could require custom programming. Signal Conditioning Transmitters are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate weight data into PLC systems. Intrinsically Safe indicators provide reliable weight readings in potentially explosive and hazardous environments.


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